What is AirPro?

AirPro™ is a tool that allows you to access SRS Airbag modules directly. With it you'll be able to modify the content stored within the SRS Module. Allowing you to read, write, modify the information stored with in the unit. With AirPro™ you'll be able to remove crash data from SRS Airbag modules very quickly turning bad srs modules into good ones.

With AirPro™ you'll be able to cover 95% of the vehicles on the market today from 1996-2017

You will need: AirPro™ - Accessories - Crash Data Calculator

AirPro™ comes with instructional DVD that will show you how to operate the device and what additional accessories you will need and where to purchase.

AirPro™ Simply the best.

Technical Info:.

  • - Connection and power via USB interface (USB2.0)
  • - Universal easy to plug panel
  • - Control of contacts in the sockets
  • - Two expansions connectors
  • - Protection against over current
  • - Two types of power supply: Standard (USB) and enhanced (USB + external power supply)
  • - Three adjustable voltage and current control: Voltage of power supply ( 2.0...5.0V ), programming voltage (2.0...21.0V)
  • - High-speed bidirectional pin drivers with adjustable voltage (2.0...5.0V)
  • - Oscillator clock generator with frequency ( up to 24 MHz) and out voltage (2.0...5.0V) adjustment
  • - Capability of functional emulation of USB CDC devices.
  • - Built-in 32-bit virtual machine

Did the Airbags deploy?

Ones the Airbags deploy the SRS Module will record and store crash data onto the module. This data can be accessed and removed from SRS Modules. This is where AirPro™ comes in, it will allow you to easily access the SRS Module and remove crash data turning your module into a perfectly good working units.


Is your Airbag light on?

Your instrument cluster will have an Airbag light on indicating that there is a fault in the restrain system. If it is determined that the SRS Module is faulty there is no need to replace the unit you can simply reset it and it will function as if it was new again. AirPro™ is the tool for you.

Dealer scan tool reading crash data stored?

Dealer scan tools will not be able to remove crash data from SRS Modules and they will advise you to purchase a new unit which cost hundreds of dollars. But this process can be avoided by simply resetting your own original SRS Module. With AirPro™ you'll be able to access the SRS Modules and remove crash data.

Did you know?

That there are thousands of salvage vehicles being sold every day in United States that had their Airbags deployed. With leading auctions like Copart, IAAI, SalvageDirect.