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New Genius Master

Item no.: 12N1000
Contents of delivery
  • NEW GENIUS Console
  • Power feeding kit with international plugs
  • USB cable for PC/laptop connections
  • New OBDII standard connector
  • Universal wiring for pin-to-pin connections to OBDII/diagnostic socket
  • Power feeding cable from battery poles
  • Touch-screen pens - set of 3
  • New Genius plastic bag with specific sponge frame
  • Diagnostic device for error reset
  • Digital programming console for RAPID
Basic equipment
New Genius Master — 651 $
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Status: In stock

New Genius is the stand alone device for the serial communication with the engine control unit (ECU), through the vehicle OBDII socket or via specific diagnostic connectors, supporting CAN-BUS, K/L-line (KWP), J1850 communication protocols.

Before programming the vehicle, New Genius verifies the size of the file and the checksum integrity/congruence. In addition, should the programming procedure be interrupted (example: connector unplugged), the device would recover the communication and automatically complete it. Several additional features integrate the conventional operations, like the possibility to reset faulty codes tied to the ECU programming, the reading and automatic writing of the injector settings, counters reset, etc.

In order to meet and fulfil the assorted inquiries presented by professionals, New Genius has been conceived as a flexible device, configured to support from a single, specific application to the most complete range of vehicles provided with engine control units.

Full OBD Item no.:
8 695 $
Marine OBD Item no.:
2 158 $
Tractor OBD Item no.:
5 410 $
Truck and LCV OBD Item no.:
3 784 $
Bike OBD Item no.:
2 158 $
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